About Us

About Us

McMillen Metals and Demolition, LLC has been a family owned and operated company out of Atlanta, Georgia since 1986. Lawrence McMillen started this company as a local scrap metal dealer, then passed it on the his son, Lovia McMillen. Lovia brought his expertise of demolition services and passed the business to his son Christopher McMillen in 2000. The current owner and CEO Christopher McMillen has incorporated his knowledge of the reusable equipment market which has extended McMillen Metals and Demolition, LLC throughout the USA and Canada.

McMillen Metals and Demolition, LLC specializes in buying and removing all types of Industrial manufacturing plant or mill equipment. We service all types of industries such as pulp and paper mills, automotive plants, poultry processing, textiles manufacturing, chemical plants, plating industry, power plants and government manufacturing.

teamMcMillen Metals & Demolition, LLC will always prepay your company
in full before any equipment or scrap material leaves your site!



Our Commitment To Our Customers’ Satisfaction, Safety, Quality And Productivity Is Priority!!!¬†

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